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Employment Law Advice For Employers In Glasgow

Employment law in Scotland is a fast-paced area of the law that can be difficult to keep up with. Our employment law solicitors can assist firms with a wide range of strategic advice and support for a full range of employment law issues. We are trusted to provide timely and dependable service, and act for a wide range of clients including private companies of all sizes, public sector organisations, and charities.


How Our Employment Solicitors Provide Expert Employment Law Advice to Businesses

Our experienced employment solicitors are professional and approachable. They get to know your business by working closely with you to anticipate and respond to any legal challenges that may arise in the workplace. We are frequently involved in offering solutions to employers to resolve the most difficult, sensitive, and complex workplace issues such as discrimination, unfair dismissal and redundancy. In advising on difficult issues, we will provide clear and pragmatic solutions, meaning we don’t sit on the fence! Our timely attitude and counsel reduce the possibility of successful legal actions being launched against your company.

Client feedback confirms that we value professionalism, and communicate with our clients in an expedient, clear, and transparent manner. Our excellent service record provides clients with the reassurance that they will understand all of their options, allowing them to make informed decisions.

Other services provided by our experienced employment law team.

In addition to advising on all areas of employment law, and providing legal advice and representation with employment tribunal issues, we also offer the following services that may be beneficial to your company:

  • We can supply our clients with employment papers such as employment contracts, director’s service agreements, rules and procedures, and staff handbooks.
  • Our HR Resource is a retainer service with a fixed monthly fee that allows you to contact us whenever you need advice.
  • We can also supply employer clients with legal expense insurance, (both before and after the incident),to provide further protection against the legal costs that your company may incur from an employment tribunal claim.
  • Training – We can provide practical training for firms and their employees on a variety of employment law topics including; implementing discipline and grievance procedures, dealing with sick leave, and equality and diversity training. We create bespoke work shops for employer clients tailored to your specific company objectives. Our clients have given us positive feedback about our training sessions.
  • Conducting disciplinary and grievance proceedings. – Where appropriate, we can provide these employment procedures on behalf of a company, (such as where the business is small, or there is no person within the business who can reasonably hear the grievance or discipline claim).
  • Data Protection: We can help you ensure you have policies and processes in place to meet your data protection obligations, protecting client and employee confidentiality. This includes being able to provide analysis of your business needs and creating bespoke paperwork as required.
  • We are also able to offer mediation services to try to address disputes between employers and employees.

Contact us today for our expert employment lawyers to start providing you with the quality service and the advice on all employment law matters that your business needs

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