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Claims for Unfair Dismissal can be a significant obstacle for employers to deal with. In any case, they could provide a variety of explanations, including the individual being unsuitable for the position, lacking the necessary qualifications, behaving unprofessionally, or engaging in illegal activity, to name a few. An investigation into any claim of dismissal will be conducted by the Tribunal, which will assess the employee’s conduct during the contract of employment and examine the employer’s protocols pertaining to such matters.

It is important to note that Unfair Dismissal claims are subject to very strict deadlines. Where someone hopes to bring an Unfair Dismissal claim to an Employment Tribunal, they must make their claim within three months, less than one day of the date of dismissal. The day of dismissal is essentially the last day an individual goes to work.

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Unfair Dismissal: What is It and What Can You Do About It?

You can only claim unfair dismissal if you have evidence to show that your termination breaks the specific legal criteria for being considered unfair.

You were likely terminated or laid off from your position. For instance, if your employer has terminated your employment, this becomes abundantly apparent. You might have also encountered dismissal, which entails being rendered redundant or compelled to tender your resignation due to challenging circumstances precipitated by your employer. The term for this is constructive dismissal, and it will be elaborated upon in the following section.

Secondly, your dismissal may not have been conducted in an equitable manner. In certain circumstances, an unjust termination may be inherently deemed improper, such as in the event of termination due to pregnancy or engagement in trade union activities.

How To File A Claim of Unfair Dismissal

If you are worrying about how to resolve your employment issues, worry no more, as SGT Law Firm is here to give you the advice and assistance you need. Our team of employment law solicitors have all the knowledge and skills for your employment disputes.

To file a claim of unfair dismissal in Scotland, you’ll need to complete an ET1 form and submit it to the Employment Tribunal within three months of your dismissal. Provide detailed information about your case, including the reasons you believe the dismissal was unfair. Consider seeking legal advice or assistance in preparing and submitting your claim.

Constructive Dismissal: What is it and How It Can Help You?

If you quit because of your employer’s actions, it might be viewed as constructive dismissal. It is always a drastic step for an employee to resign with the intention of claiming their employer dismissed them constructively in an employment tribunal.

In many instances, it can be challenging to establish proof and the employee must demonstrate that:

  • There was a breach of contract by the employer.
  • The employee resigned because of that breach.
  • The breach of contract made it impossible for the employee to continue working for the employer.

The first two points are usually relatively easy to establish, but the third can often be tricky. If you have Constructive Dismissal Lawyers Scotland on your side, they will be able to help you to try and prove that the breach of contract made it impossible for you to carry on working.

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