retirement planning Port Moody

Will your money last? Is it worth staying in the workforce rate race your entire life? It is a painful... retirement planning Port Moody

retirement planning Port Moody

Will your money last? Is it worth staying in the workforce rate race your entire life? It is a painful reality when you face retirement and wonder whether all your years of hard work were worthwhile. It is best to make sure you understand the conclusion of your financial planning so that you can have an easy and blissful retirement.

What is retirement planning?

Retirement planning is somewhat like a financial plan because it involves planning your money to serve your needs in the future. The contrast is that a retirement plan has the design to work after your paycheck stops, while a financial plan is a feasible plan to make the most of your income in your entire work-life cycle. Most people get by without a financial plan but cannot afford to skate through their seniors without an intricate retirement plan. We examine the granular details of your income, assets, and expenses so you have an airtight retirement plan.

What to expect from our retirement planning services

The goal of our detailed planning is to make sure you do not resort to surviving on social security after years of dutiful work. We will consider the following factors to design the perfect retirement package:

  • The year of retirement, and whether you plan to retire early or work the entire term of your tenure
  • Your residential area and plans to relocate, travel, or change homes
  • The preferable way to pay for living expenses, such as via a pension plan, 401K investment, or other investment
  • Existing and precedent expenses like medical costs, mortgage, and insurance

Calculating the retirement plans

These inquiries help us figure out the amount of money you will have after retirement by calculating the income, social security, investments, and all other investment types. We may help you maximize the amount if you are still active in your current work to have a better long-term retirement plan. Typically, most retirement plans aim to give you at least 80% of your last income so you can maintain the lifestyle and cover all basic needs.

The amount you eventually achieve depends on your current age, expenses, and target retirement age. You do not need to meet the annual target each year but can gradually work your way up by taking full advantage of our retirement planning package. The best part about using First Oak Financial Inc. is we can help you with more than the retirement plan to improve your earnings; insurance, investments, and estate planning services. 

Common retirement plans

Where can you save your retirement money for the best returns? It is not enough to sit and wait for the retirement planning in Vancouver to fix your current and future financial issues. Some standard retirement planning features include:

  • Thrift savings like a 401(k) saving plan
  • Pensions
  • IRAs
  • Unique retirement plans for self-employed clients

All these plans include a taxation plan so you know the exact amount you will retain. Our comprehensive retirement planning service works great for many different clients and income levels. Get in touch today (604-761-7543) for consultation on your particular situation.



retirement planning Port Moody

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retirement planning Port Moody

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