Those who are a part of a construction contract may have greater protection than they realise.

A major breakthrough in the construction sector was made in 1996 with the passage of the Housing Grant, Construction and Regeneration Act. Many people in the sector are still unaware of its effects today. In essence, it encourages justice in the payment process and offers adjudication as a quick fix.

A “Construction Contract” is quite broadly defined for the Act’s purposes, and this definition includes agreements with construction experts including architects and quantity surveyors. It is important to note that domestic contracts with the homeowner are not included.

The following are the main lessons to be learnt from the Act:

Calculating Payment Amounts and Dates

Instalment Payments

Conditional Payments

Payment Notifications

Pay Less Notices



It is important to highlight that failing to comply with several terms, notably, those referring to notices and pay less notices may result in the initiation of adjudication proceedings.

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