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Child Maintenance Agreements Glasgow

No couple enters into a separation lightly, especially when there are children involved. Although having children is often one of the most rewarding experiences people have, it also comes with a lot of rights and responsibilities that don’t go away just because you and your partner can’t stay together. If you are a parent who doesn’t spend the majority of time with your children after a separation, you may still be responsible for covering some of the financial costs associated with raising them. This is called child maintenance or child support payments.

Ordinary child support takes the form of scheduled money payments for a child’s common daily costs. This can be set up between the people involved, through a government program, or more likely if your situation is complicated, by means of a court order.

Parental Child Maintenance Agreements

A family-based child maintenance agreement is an informal agreement and legally binding agreement between a couple with children who have separated. This document details how those children are to be supported financially.

Setting up a family-based child maintenance is free and easy to change if necessary. Together, the parents would agree on how much maintenance or child support to pay, when and how often to pay it, and any changes that might need to be made in the future. This would let one person pay for something all at once instead of making payments over time. For example, they could buy a new school outfit all at once instead of making smaller, regular payments.

A significant downside to family-based child maintenance agreements is that they aren’t legally binding, meaning if one person stops paying, the other can’t make them continue. In addition, this type of lax agreement would be hard to come by in cases where an accord is scarcely achievable or out of the question. For instance, if your partner left an abusive relationship and it would be dangerous for them to have any contact with their ex-partner, or you disagree about the amount of financial support that should be given, then the best option would be a Minute of Agreement drafted by a lawyer.

Child Maintenance Calculator: Estimate The Amount Of Maintenance

Both you and your ex-partner are obligated to continue contributing to the expenses of their offspring following your separation. Frequently, this entails one spouse providing financial support to the other. If you are unable to reach a mutual agreement, you may request that the Child Maintenance Service compute the amount.

You can request that the Child Maintenance Service determine the amount of child support that one parent should pay the other if you both cannot agree on the child maintenance payments.

  • Number of children
  • Paying Parent’s Gross Annual Income or Parent’s Gross Weekly Income
  • Time children spend with the paying parent
  • Paying parent is paying for other children’s maintenance

Numerous parents opt to divide the responsibility of child care. The quantity of child maintenance paid by the paying parent will be reduced if the children spend time with that parent.

The magnitude of the reduction in child support is determined by distinct “bands.”

Child maintenance is diminished for each additional child who resides with the parent who is making the payment.

If your child spends more than one year with the paying parent between:

  • 52 and 103 nights: reduced by 1/7th for each child
  • 104 and 155 nights: reduced by 2/7th for each child
  • 156 and 174 nights: reduced by 3/7th for each child
  • 175 nights or more nights: reduced by 50%, plus an extra £7 a week reduction for each child.

Minute of Agreement: Outlines Terms Of Our Agreement

A Minute of Agreement is an arrangement made between family members and registered with a solicitor. After registration, the agreement becomes binding as though it were an order from the Court of Session.

Minute of Agreement is legally binding if one party doesn’t uphold their end, so you’re covered. Also, an expert family law solicitor will be there to assist you every step of the way and answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Child Maintenance Agreement?
A: A Child Maintenance Agreement is a legally binding contract between the parents of a child which sets out the financial arrangements for the child’s upbringing. The agreement can be made either through the court or privately between the parties.
Q: What are the benefits of having a Child Maintenance Agreement?
A: A Child Maintenance Agreement can provide certainty and peace of mind for both parents as to their financial obligations towards their child. It can also avoid the need for either party to go to court to resolve any disputes which may arise.
Q: What should be included in a Child Maintenance Agreement?
A: A Child Maintenance Agreement should include provisions for the payment of child maintenance, how often payments should be made, and what should happen if either party fails to make a payment. It is also advisable to include provisions for the review of the agreement, in case of circumstances, change in the future.
Q: How long does a Child Maintenance Agreement last?
A: A Child Maintenance Agreement can last for as long as both parties agree, or it can be terminated by either party at any time. However, if the Agreement is terminated, any outstanding payments which are owed will still need to be paid.

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