What should I do after a cycling accident

The SGT Law Firm understands that bad things do occasionally occur. Accidents involving bicycles result in damage to the bike and injury to the cyclist. If something terrible occurs, SGT Law Firm is ready to assist cyclists with free advice for cycling accident claims and a full accident management service to support you in seeking compensation for your injuries, your bike, and your accessories damage.

Our simple instructions should make it clear for bikers what to do in the case of a cycling accident.

Find who caused the cycle accident

Record names, addresses, and, if applicable, information on the type and colour of the car. Get the logo and a description of the driver if it’s an HGV or other heavy truck.

Look for witnesses

As quickly as you can, get the names, addresses, or phone numbers of everyone who witnessed the incident.

Take Photos & Videos

Capture images of the moving vehicles and any defects that may have contributed to the bike crash. Pothole photos should obviously show their width, depth, and length. Attempt to use established landmarks like road signs to pinpoint the precise location. Moreover, if you have a head cam or the vehicles involved have dash cams, try to record specifics so the video can be located. Keep your video at all times.

Report the incident to the Police

Always report an injury or damage to the bike to the Police as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours.

Ask for Insurance details

Ask the driver of any other vehicles whether they have insurance details, but do not discuss the accident with them or accept any money offers from them until seeking legal counsel. Be careful, as some auto insurance providers may call you in an effort to reach an early settlement with a low offer. Before accepting any offer, you should consult SGT Law Firm for free legal counsel.

Record every damaged item

Keep broken objects around for inspection. Try to provide purchase receipts and take pictures of the defective equipment. Identify every item that is damaged and document the specifics of your out-of-pocket costs. Keep in mind that you should always change your helmet if you hit your head.

Get checked by your Physician right away

It is advised that you always get medical assistance, even for minor wounds. Contact your Physician, a walk-in clinic, or the A&E department for expert assistance and to provide documentation of your injury. Call SGT Law Firm first if you have been hurt since we can often assist with physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Contact SGT Law Firm for free advice.

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